Tuesday, 22 June 2010

June's Craft Market

Join us on Saturday the 26th of June in the Beautiful Interiors shop garden for this years 2nd edition of Summer Craft Markets. The Craft Guerrilla are taking root in the garden showcasing the best urban craft and hand made designer goods from new up and coming indie designers. As well as some new guys and dolls there is also the return of a few old favourites and the welcome return of "let them eat cake". A fantastic cake bar selling exquisite cup cakes and vintage inspired cakes.
From 10 am to 5.30 pm. Free entry. Free cocktails.
For further information visit: www.eastlondoncraftguerrilla.blogspot.com

She's back...

Yes, you've heard correctly the shop cat, Jassie Mo, is back!
Earlier this year we told you she had retired from the rat race - such a hard job being a shop cat - but decided she had enough of hanging around the house enjoying the life of leisure so she's now back in her rightful place...sitting on top of a very expensive sofa!