Friday, 29 February 2008



4th to 3Oth MARCH 2008

All are welcome at this free event.

will be launching a new series of bimonthly exhibitions showcasing artists represented by the shop starting with SHOW ONE: MARCH by Paul Tucker, Dean Reddick and Sarah Hardy.

Paul Tucker is a professional photographer living and working in Walthamstow. Alongside his commercial work he has developed a body of more personal work. Paul's fine art photography has been widely exhibited, often depicting the atmosphere and character of an area. One of Paul's most popular projects, "Bronte" is an intimate portrayal of a house in Suffolk whose owner was moving out after 33 years. He has just completed a project at a disused factory in E17 that was awaiting demolition, this work will form the basis of a exhibition to be held the Vestry House museum in walthamstow village.
The "Allotment series" is an ongoing project involving local allotment sites. Starting in March 2007 Paul witnessed a dramatic change from the dormant state of the site through to rapid and full growth in August. The images record the diversity of the site and provide a document of this change. Paul believes "The plot-holders cultivate and recycle in many different ways creating a unique environment that is somewhere between domesticity and wilderness."

Sarah Hardy’s latest work consists of detailed, pencil drawings of the dead insects and spiders that had accumulated on her windowsills in the summer of 2007. Many are husks with limbs and wings missing, and some favourite specimens can be seen to deteriorate as she draws them for the second and third times.
Srah uses no magnifying glass but instead draws in detail by eye. The larger pieces of work are of many images scattered across the plain, white page. These work partly as naturalist’s study, and partly as pattern making. The large scale of the drawings encourages the viewer to switch between zooming into the detail and pulling back to see a pattern of marks, like wallpaper. This wallpaper effect contrasts with the work’s painstakingly hand-drawn nature.
For Sarah the fascination with these insect carcasses comes from their fragility and their mundanity, she says "they are after all rubbish or dirt on our window sills, yet they are spectacular, delicately engineered bodies."

Dean Reddick's sculptures draw on a range of sources from the microscopic, such as viruses, crystal structures and the bizarre world of quantum phenomena, to the macroscopic, such as coral and rock formations.
Dean's work explores the boundries between organic and geometric and order and chaos. 5n the main his sculptures are concerned with form rather than meaning.
In his most recent work Dean has been working with trees, producing one off cast of the bark allowing the viewer to see, in isolation the rich colour and texture of the individual trees. He as also produced drawings of trees from the locality in pencil, ink and pen.
Dean's interest has come, in part, from his work as an art therapist where "art work in the theraputic relationship is used to generate meaning. The tree offers a subject which is visually complex like the human figure but which is psychologically simple, unlike the human mind." He is particularly interested in how mature tree records of its own growth and development like "a slow, massive, three dimensional drawing"

Penny Fielding Beautiful interiors is committed to supporting professional local and east London based artists and providing opportunities to show and sell their work.

T: 020 8509 0039
e mail:pennyfielding@btconnect.com

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

This week we're loving...

This week we're loving "Penny Fielding Beautiful Interiors" Vintage fabric
At Beautiful Interiors we love re-invention! What better way then taking vintage fabrics and creating lovely up to date accessories for the home?!
Hand picked by Penny and made to specification these little gems will add a touch of fun to any
Assorted size duck feather cushion.
Prices start from :£20.00 each while stocks last

Thursday, 7 February 2008

The dates are set

Penny Fielding is proud to present a spate of Craft Markets starting this spring.
Held in the Beautiful Interiors shop garden we've invited our friends
The East London Craft Guerrilla to "curate" the event.
A veritable craft army of artists, designers, crafts people and makers of quality hand
made goods.
Here are the dates:
1st Edition, Saturday 26th April - free fairy cakes, refreshments, fun and merriment to help kick off the Spring/Summer Garden events!
2nd Edition, Saturday 31st May
3rd Edition, Saturday 28th June
4th Edition, Saturday 26th July
5th Edition, Saturday 30th August
September date yet to be confirmed.

The Craft Market is on from 10am to 5.30pm.
Shop opens from 10am to 6pm.

For more information please e mail Deborah:
or visit

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Valentine's treats!

Don't forget that St.Valentine's day is only a week away.
Thursday the 14th in fact, and we've just received the most gorgeous jewellery to suit any lovely lady.
What better way to say...OKAY, I'm not one to be super romantic but sometimes it helps to let your other half know how much they mean to you!
Lot's of heart shaped pieces...sterling silver beauties, resin inlay flower pendants and earrings, Lava stones and coral necklaces and more. Well hearts are the symbol of LOVE! There's more then just jewellery so have a browse through lots of lovely
gifts for girls and boys.
I'm sure you'll find something suitable but if you need a helping hand just ask one of our friendly assistants for inspiration and ideas.