Wednesday, 28 November 2007

This week we're loving...

This week we're loving Munano Bag Bunnies.
These little felt bag charms are ready to go with you anywhere!
Hang them on your bag,suit case,car rear view mirror or even
let them look after your keys.
If you're going away for Christmas these cuties make the perfect
companions...they just love to mind unattended luggage.
Available in a selection of colours.
Approximate size:
15cm x 8cm
Read all the characters bios at www.munano.co.uk

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

This weel we're loving...

This week we're loving...
Two's Company porcelain jar lanterns.
These lovely perforated jars look sensational with bright tea lights.
Add a touch of eastern glamor to your home, table or as a pretty out door lantern to
welcome your guests.

Approximate size:
H: 32cm
W: 18cm

Price: £38.99 each

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

This week we're loving...

This week we're loving...
new jewellery ranges from Tribal, Modern and Art Nouveau to Classical inspired pieces from C.H.A.
Add a little sparkle and glamor this season with our vast selection that'll suit any age and every pocket.
Also in... more Vintage Jewellery. Get that retro look and add some fun to your outfit.
Lot's of Diamante' necklaces,brooches and earrings suitable for glamor pusses!
In addition there's also new ranges from our usual favourites...Swarovski crystal pendant necklaces, sterling silver hand made jewellery and more. Come have a browse and get
ready to look fabulous this Christmas!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Frillseekers monthly event

This Saturday the 10th of November Beautiful Interiors hosts the Frillseekers monthly
The gals will be out on the shop terrace with their hand picked Vintage Clothing and accessories collection.
Need to update your Autumn wardrobe?
Fran and Caroline will be in from 10am - 6pm ready to lend a hand with their invaluable
fashion know how, advice and fab frocks!

this week we're loving....

This week we're loving...
Cup cakes & cartwheels "Spaghetti"
As the chilly nights set in wrap yourself
by the fire
or in front of the telly in these fashionable,very soft blanket/throws.
Well, a girl has to look stylish in all situations!
Available in shades of pink or blue they're sure to keep even the coldest of feet warm.
Approximate size: 130cm x 160cm
Price: £ 48.95