Wednesday, 19 September 2007

september craft market

The summer's on it way out but we're hoping for some lovely sunny autumn weather for our September Craft Market.
A huge success, our small but perfectly formed monthly garden market is taking place again this weekend in our shop garden and terrace.
Saturday the 22nd is strictly art and crafts while Sunday the 23rd is a more laid back,eclectic mix of vintage collectables, vinyl records, second hand wares and art and craft.
Please note that our outdoor tea room courtesy of Handsome Betty Baked Goods is only on Saturday.
Grab a slice of sumptuous cake, sit under the fig tree with a complimentary cup of tea or coffee and celebrate with us the beginning of Autumn!

Friday, 14 September 2007

our fig tree

Believe it or not figs actually grow in London.
Here's a heaped bowl of our garden figs, totally organic and local...no air miles! Handsome Betty has made up some lovely fig jam. Read the recipe below and try it yourself!
You too can send in some recipes to share or pop by the shop to pick up some figs. The crop is pretty much at it's end but up top there are still some sweet ones left! Handsome Betty will be at the Beautiful Interiors Craft Market on Saturday the 22nd of September. Lots of lovely cakes and who knows maybe she'll share some of her fab Walthamstow fig jam!

"This recipe was handed down to me by a good friend in Lisbon, Portugal. He's lucky enough to have a garden with a few "Pingo de mel" fig trees like in Penny's shop garden which
translated mean honey drop.They're really sweet and true to their name and great for sweet or savory dishes. I asked him if I could share this recipe and he replied: Good things are meant to be handed around!
His gran's from the Algarve, a hub of fig production and a basic ingredient in Southern Portuguese confectionery. She was making this recipe with her own mum when she was a small girl and still makes it every August to fill up her larder."
You'll need:
2 Kilos of golden figs (washed but not peeled.Use figs that are not over ripe,the ripper the less natural pectin there is and that thickens and binds it all together)
1.5 Kilos sugar
1 stick of cinnamon
100g dried apricots
*for some extra flavor add a vanilla pop halved
Wash figs but do not peel just cut off the stalk. Tear figs with your hands into a large pot. No need to add water as the fig juices should slowly release and be enough. Place over a low heat and they should themselves start to disintegrate into a mushy consistency. This should take about 10/15 minutes or so. Remove from heat add the cinnamon,dried apricots,vanilla if you're using it and half the sugar. Cover pot with lid and leave over night or for at least 8 hours. When you go back to making the jam add the rest of the sugar and gently boil for 1 hour.
At this point,half way through, I usually blend it with a hand blender just because I prefer to smooth out the dried apricots and it makes it that bit thicker as it gives it some body but if you prefer a chunky jam pre slice your apricots into smaller bite size pieces. Return to a low heat and cook for another half hour to an hour
or until it's thick and leaves trace on the back of a spoon. Place in pre sterilized jam jars and seal. Best enjoyed on long winter nights when summer seems a world away.
Kind regards,
Handsome Betty

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Upcoming events

This Saturday the 15th of September the Frill Seekers gals spill onto the shop terrace with their new autumn collection. Caroline and Fran will be in store from 10am to 6pm showcasing their lovely wears and to give shoppers invaluable fashion advice. This autumn 1940's glamour puss look is a deffinate for any gorgeous gal!
Check out their web site for all there events:

Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd of September is our Beautiful Interiors craft market.
Saturday is strictly art and craft while Sunday is a more laid back and eclectic event with second hand, vintage records, accessories, second hand and some art and craft.
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Penny Fielding Beautiful Interiors is a lifestyle gallery, gift shop, art gallery and a supporter of local artists and crafts people located in the heart of Walthamstow Village. Now in our third year the shop has flourished into a renown sales outlet for local artists and crafts people offering shoppers a selection of gifts for adults and children, vintage furniture, collectable home and glass ware, art,craft, jewellery and an in store vintage clothing and accessories boutique courtesy of Frill Seeker Vintage!
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